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from former coroner, connie jacobsen

Serving Natrona County as elected Coroner for over ten years has been the most rewarding in my entire career, as a forensic nurse.  My professional career development, education, and training intentionally lead me to be Coroner.  I always knew I would end my working days in either a Medical Examiner’s office or as a Coroner.  I was fortunate to stay the course. 

Feeling confident in leaving my post meant replacing that important position with a person of integrity but most importantly, with the knowledge of what the position really entails.  My Lead Investigator, Jim Whipps, is the only qualified, experienced person.  Jim’s experience and knowledge after years of medicolegal death investigations under me and Dr. Thorpen far surpass any other person’s self-claim to fame moments. 


Jim has been a very successful administrator, department head, and director over the Coroner Office for the past two and a half years.  His engagement as an investigator with the Coroner office has been consistent since 1999.  Jim’s military background serving our country is exemplary.  Coroner Whipps’ notable ability to lead has awarded him decision-making posts on meritorious commissions and boards in the state of Wyoming of which he currently serves, one being appointed by the governor since his appointment as Coroner. 


Coroner Whipps is the ONLY applicant for Coroner that has direct knowledge of duties and responsibilities of the office of Coroner.  The Natrona County Commissioners recognized that fact when they chose him to be the next Coroner who could hit the ground running the first day of office.  Astonishing as it is to me,  no other person who has ever applied or inquired about the position or filed to run for this office actually has the knowledge of the infrastructure it takes to serve our County in this capacity except for Coroner Whipps. 


I am proud to know and work with Jim knowing that he has already demonstrated his compassion for families when we interact with them on the worst day of their lives. I am comforted knowing that Coroner Whipps is perpetuating the objectives of an internationally accredited office.  Vote for Coroner Whipps!


Connie Jacobson

Natrona County Coroner, Ret.

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