The mission

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Build Statewide Case

Management System

Working with the State Office of Vital Statistics, Coroner Whipps is working to develop a case management system that will help coroners, statewide, standardize case management and ensure continuity with a complete view of information. In just a short time, Coroner Whipps has been instrumental in working to develop the system, bringing it online in his office in January 2020.

Dignified and Thorough Investigations

Coroner Whipps works to ensure each case is treated professionally, with the knowledge and dignified respect the departed deserve. This requires continual training of deputies and staff and the willingness to come on the scene at any moment. As a leader, Coroner Whipps knows his team is a reflection of him, and he works to create thorough and professional investigations.

An Office You Can Trust

Cultivating relationships with community members, law enforcement, and other officials creates a trusting relationship necessary for investigations. Coroner Whipps wants to ensure the continued confidentiality of investigations, and collaborative work between departments to ensure professional and accurate investigations.

National Accreditation

The Natrona County Coroner's Office is Nationally Accredited in part due to Coroner Whipp's ABMDI Certification. This requires continuing education and re-certification every five years. Staying current ensures quality forensic/medicolegal death investigation in the Natrona County Coroner's Office.


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